The One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Shirsha! Shirsha nominated me for this award earlier this week so it’s time for me to pay it forward! Shirsha is posting on on a daily basis, taking at least one picture every day for her leap year. I admire the consistency! That is something I need to work on..

One Lovely Blog Award

Even though I am very happy people are reading my blog and appreciating it, the rules seem a bit funny to me. They remind me of those chain-emails we used to send around when we were in highschool ;). In case I nominate you and you feel hessitant about participating; I understand. I can’t resist though!

The 7 random facts about me:

  • I studied fashion but currently I sell IT
  • I have a weak spot for nail art. And nail art tutorial video’s. And Nail Art web-shops. Check the link to Naildays below, they have an awesome competition going ;)
  • Even though I moved from The Netherlands to Ireland recently I have about 50 pairs of shoes. Maybe more, it’s been a while since I counted (and my boyfriend, who tries to ignore my shoes, reads my blog too)
  • I am a TV show addict. I won’t get on a plane without at least 5 episodes of something on my tablet.
  • I speak German but I never use it because deep inside I’m a perfectionist.
  • Go figure how that last point affects my progress in my current project: learning Danish!
  • I cannot help myself when I see cheap photo-accessories from Hong Kong on Ebay. The mail-room girl already knows where to deliver when she sees a package from Hong Kong with no name on it.

And finally, 15 blogs I enjoy and appreciate:

11 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination. Likewise these awards do remind me of chain emails but at the same time I think they are a great way to get to know other bloggers across the cyber divide and spread the love.
    I am trying to keep my photography blog clean and simple but will try to figure out a way to incorporate this award.

    1. I know! I’m currently messing around with my blog. Moving to a hosted service and trying out new pages. I might make a separate page for this post.

      I waited a few days with writing this post since I didn’t want to ‘spam’ people with this but by the responses I get I gather that people appreciate the love over the spammy feeling ;)

  2. Wow, Nikita, I feel really honoured and very humble. Thank you for thinking of me, it a lovely surprise, I will reciprocate, it just may take me a while. Thanks again.

  3. Congrats to you! And thank you so much!! Sorry for the late reply! Still catching up with emails :)
    ps. I love your blog!

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